Gasification is an oxygen-starved process that converts solid fuels such as biomass
and coal into gaseous fuels such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Our gasification designs are uniquely capable of producing not only heat, but also electrical power and facility cooling.

When using biomass feedstocks, or a "carbon-neutral" fuel, gasification technology can destroy wastes while concurrently producing renewable energy.

Gasification has successfully demonstrated the ability to convert a variety of waste materials into heat, cooling and electrical power.

HTI's Gasification System use the following fuelstocks:

• Coal
• Coal tailings
• Corn stover

• Cow manure
• Crop residue
• Food processing by-products
• Forest management wastes
• Hazardous solid waste
• Horse, cattle and hog manure
• Municipal solid waste (MSW)
• Sewer sludge
• Switch grass
• Turkey and chicken litter
• Urban landscape green wastes
• Waste water treatment sludge
• Wet distiller's grain
• Wood waste

Combination Biomass Gasifier with Electric
Power Generation

US Army Hazardous Waste Gasification Facility

MSW Gasification Plant